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Post Recital: The Reward of Performing

An Article By: Aaliyah Humphrey

Caption: Dr. Kossover performs “Aren’t we Amazing” at the Father’s-day recital 

By Aaliyah Humphrey 

Parents and students marveled at seeing their kid’s performances and friends of adult students cheered on the performers as they supported each other at Grace Music Studio NY’s recital last month. 

The recital was an overall success for students, parents and audience members. Mahalia DesRosier’s singing was a huge success and Dr. Lara Kossover’s performance received a great audience reaction. 

“Yeah, it was really fun. I got the audience to sing-along with me towards the end of the song. The audience seemed a little tired, but I think when I had them all join in, they kind of kept up a little bit. I know it went better than Julia expected, which is good.” Dr.Kossover said. 

The performance also encouraged Dr. Kossover to learn how to play new instruments like the guitar, bass, and piano.  

“Have fun and do what you love to do. People say that when you do what you love, you feel that love right back. Be more excited than nervous.”  She said. 

Parents, Gary Ruinsky and Rachel Abrams also enjoyed seeing their children performance onstage. Ruinsky, who was a former trumpet player finally performed onstage for the first time with his twin daughters, Samantha and Sasha. Together they performed the song, “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music. Ruinsky explained how it was a beautiful feeling getting to support and play with his daughters.   

“I loved being able to support them when they’re singing. I tell them ‘Daddy’s just as nervous.’ Just showing them that it’s okay to be nervous, it’s okay to take a risk and being able to share that experience with them, I’d say motivated me.  It was great!” Ruinskysaid. 

Abrams felt the same way after seeing her 6-year old son, Izzy, perform “The Rainbow Connection” onstage for the first time. 

“For me, there is nothing more exhilarating than seeing my child perform with poise. Despite some challenging lessons leading up to the recital where he (deliberately) sang too soft or too fast, fidgeted and otherwise just goofed around, his voice and presence came together, and he was truly on.”  Abrams said. 

Overall, all parents and students had good opinions about Amisano’s hard-work ethics and dedication to teaching music. 

“Julia is very supportive. She makes it work, very well-organized. All the support that I needed, she gave me and the kids responded very well to her because she has a great style and a great approach to teaching. It was wonderful.” Ruinsky said. 

Abrams also believed that Julia had an incredible ability to relate to a child’s mindset by being patient and honest with kids like Izzy.  

“She gave him a chance to ask any questions he had about the performance and had him rehearse in the exact way he would be performing, which we decided would be next to her on the piano bench. Julia is the consummate coach, guide and performing arts teacher.” Abrams said. 

Let’s see how next winter recital will go next year, January 19th, 2020. 

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