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Keeping it Real here at Grace Music Studio (auditions for drama school)!

Both are auditioning to get into Mark Twain Middle School for drama and I think they will both compete well. The process of preparing an audition is always fun and in this case both kids wanted to learn which makes my job 1000 times easier. One of them started months ago and the comic monologue she chose was cute at first but as she worked on it became part of her, in the end it’s funnier because it’s so real for her. She reminds me of Tina Fey and I told her to keep me in mind when she becomes famous :). Her Dad said “Don’t worry Julia, you will definitely be on the call list when she hits the big-time…Awwww. The other student had only 2 lessons so the process of breaking down the script and choosing different emotions and key words had to be done quickly and instead of letting her discover her own responses (my preference) I basically directed her. Her monologue was a dramatic one and she got some real tears going. I was impressed but I made sure to let her know that it doesn’t matter if you cry, or even how you react, anything that is real for you will be real for us so…just try to feel something genuine. Interestingly, it was after this direction that she was able to achieve the depth of feeling that brought about the tears. Wooo-hooo! Keeping it real is my motto for teaching acting :).

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