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Is the Earthquake in Haiti over? (How singing lessons nyc can help)

The initial devastation is over, however the rebuilding efforts will continue for a long time. People, that is the people who survived, are trying to get back on their feet and recreate their lives.

Last year, when the earthquake hit, Paule Seide was taking singing lessons nyc, here at Grace Music Studio. She told me she grew up in Haiti and  asked me what she should do to help; I responded – SING! Paule put together a benefit concert to raise funds to rebuild the school she attended as a child, last Sunday night at her Church in Brooklyn. She sang 5 pieces, I sang 2 pieces and there were so many talented singers and lots of folks who really knew how to play piano! Musicians generously donated their performances and Paule’s efforts raised over $3,080.00 for the school. She is still accepting donations personally and through our new york music school Grace Music Studio.

At Grace Music Studio’s upcoming recital, February 27th, the results of everyone at Grace Music Studio’s new york music lessons will be shared. Paule’s singing lessons nyc have been an inspiration in her community and she has invited her Aunt to talk about the Haiti project at the recital. Grace Music Studio, a new york music school, is proud to support all it’s students  in their charitable endeavors.

Of course, when we hear of devastation, we all want to help- it’s a natural reaction- but most of us don’t know how. I am so proud of Paule for creating an opportunity for so many people to help Haiti get back on it’s feet. And her Singing lessons nyc helped her do it! Way to go, Paule!

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