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Voice Lessons NY: Feb 11 Recital Prep. at Grace Music Studio (GMS)

Tons of things are going on in preparation for the February 27th Free GMS Recital. I just found out that we will have more than one guest musician performing with us in the group number; there will be a guest djembe drum player, a guest electric guitar player and a guest acoustic guitar player- VERY EXCITING. There are seven GMS student soloists singing in the piece along with a chorus of twenty children and adults which lends the piece a very ‘We Are The World’ feel. One young student (15 yrs. old) has written a pop. song for this recital that is so catchy I can’t get it out of my head. She will be playing piano and singing it live. She also has plans to record it soon, since her fans on youtube keep asking when her album is coming out. You can hear some of her current songs at www.youtube.com/planetmarinazee . The students who are learning how to play piano are doing very well too. My favorite moment this week was when a young voice student (6 yrs.old) was practicing her entrance for the recital, she came out, looked up and said under her breath “ACTION!’

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