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How Playing Piano Can Be Educational, Too
By John Surico,

An instrument is as important as an algebra lesson. In classrooms throughout the country, musical education is taught as a supplement to the core curriculum (English, mathematics, science, history, etc.). However, studies have shown that this musical side of learning can be as vital as any of the subjects mentioned. Want to do a bit better on your tests? Well, playing the piano might be your academic therapy.

Check out these numbers! In a neurologists’ survey done with 237 students in the 2nd grade, a group of students learned how to play piano while the other group learned software that taught mathematics. After the test was conducted, the kids that knew how to play the ivory or keyboard scored 27% higher on their math tests than the computer-attached students. Statistically, these piano players get higher SAT scores, are less disruptive in class and have superior thinking skills.

It is the merit of music – to think with the left side of your brain; creatively, not analytically; openly, not methodically; and freely, not imprisoned by multiple choice or memorization. And, as we have seen, playing the piano is a wonderful way to free your mind. To get started, you can find piano lessons and instructors on HeyKiki. Grab a pencil and a keyboard. Mozart would be proud.


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