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Monthly Archives: October 2012

How the Mind Affects Singing: How to Achieve “Flow” While Making Music

How to Achieve “Flow” While Making Music Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a very accomplished psychologist in the fields of creativity and positive psychology.  He is known for giving the name “Flow” to a certain kind of mental state; ‘Flow is an optimal experience in which one feels at one with an activity and is motivated by […]
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R U OUT OF YOUR MIND? Reblog of J Michael Dolan’s “Blogs & Stories for Artists & Entrepreneurs”

R U OUT OF YOUR MIND? (read time 1:13) I think artists & entrepreneurs are better equipped to endure the beast of the mind, simply because A&E’s live in a continuous world of uncertainty, and “doubt” is embedded in their DNA. I learned early as an artist, later as an entrepreneur that hanging out between my […]
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Singing and the Body: How to Release Tension

Vocal music does not merely engage one’s mouth and vocal chords; it invokes a process that involves an intimacy with the entire upper body.  In order to prepare one’s body for vocal production, it is important to relieve individual parts of the body of all tension.  Tension that interferes with singing can be found in […]
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