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“In my four years of studying voice with Julia, I have become not only a better singer, but a more confident one as well.  My vocal ability has grown in a number of ways, most critically in the integration of my chest and head voice.  What most impresses me about Julia’s teaching is her ability to answer any question I have about singing (whether it be about technique, performance or otherwise), thereby removing all guesswork from the learning process.”

“My name is Sharice Styles, and for the past 10 years I have been writing songs for numerous platinum recording artists all over the world.  After being behind the scenes that long, I feel that I have grown and matured enough to step up front and use my skills to launch my own career.  I had an awesome experience working with Julia. She has really helped me sharpen my skills to prepare for my single release “Pull The Plug”.  I have now expanded my vocal range abilities, thanks to Julia I can hit almost every key on the piano…I know this was an important part of my journey, and I will be forever grateful…”
–Sharice Styles

“I  have always been interested in singing, but my friends told me that I should just stick to singing in the shower!  However, one day while I was walking around Park Slope, I came across a flyer for singing lessons with Julia.  I called the number and began my lessons immediately.  I really had no idea how much went into singing before my vocal lessons with Julia.  There was much more involved in order to sing well than I thought…breathing technique, the focus of your sound in your head, lip and tongue positions and much more.  One time I even told Julia, ‘Wow this is harder than Calculus!’  Well, with Julia’s amazing talent and extraordinary patience, I now can sing very well.  The same friends that told me that I sucked, now say, ‘Wow that was great! Your vocal coach did a great job!’  So in a little less than two years, my singing voice has changed dramatically.  Thank you Julia for believing in me and for all of your hard work.  It really paid off.”

“Julia’s instruction was exactly what I was looking for. I had always wanted to sing, but didn’t have any idea how to breathe or support my voice properly. She taught me how relax the tension in my body and focus the sound so I can project well in my upper and lower registers. I have been offered singing roles from Amore Opera and Bleecker Street Opera because of my work with Julia. We also work on all different music genres. Recently we increased my belt range to a D and are continuing to work on raising that. I like that she doesn’t believe in putting limits on what the voice can do. As I prepare to audition for musical theater, I can confidently present a wide vocal range.”
–Emily Niewendorp

“Singing can shift the frame of your mood and give you momentum. If I’m confused, annoyed, paranoid, confined, lonely, whatever — through singing, I’ve learned (through practice, through exploring) to change my mood, to change my vantage point and actually to travel.”
–27 year old male taking lessons for fun

“I have been studying with Julia for over three years. I had a lot of fun learning about vocal technique and different genres of music. Twice a year, I was in a recital, which was a cool experience. I also got the opportunity to write my own songs. At the last recital, one of my songs was the group number. You can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Uy7ysnTi8&feature=youtube_gdata It has been cool having Julia as my first voice teacher!”
–Sophia (13 year-old)

“I started voice lessons with Julie Amisano about eight years ago. Being an older person, she made me feel so welcomed. She is a caring an considerate person. I also love to hear her sing, she has a beautiful voice. I am the oldest of her students, and I’ve learned quite a bit from Julia. I learned to breathe better, and my range has increased. Julia is very good with children. I have seen very young children who began with her at age five excel in their voices and piano lessons. If you have young children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, send them to Julia and she’ll bring out the best in them. I wouldn’t change her for anyone else. Julia is more than a teacher, she’s an inspiration and I love her.”

“Julia really knows her stuff, but more than that, she’s great at getting it across. She’s never satisfied till she knows you “get it”. At our twice-yearly recitals, I’ve shared the stage with singers older than seventy and younger than seven. Julia has a way with even the tiniest children — her patience is amazing. Not only have my singing and piano playing improved, but also my public speaking. Ms. Amisano has even coaxed a few songs out of me — my first complete compositions. Julia does more than teach; she nurtures, encourages and inspires — she has an incredible knack for bringing out students’ hidden strengths.”


“Julia has tough me how to sing with proper breath support, how to project my voice, and she helped greatly with finding my own voice and style.  Thanks to her training, I was able to find my voice and sing with confidence I never had previously.”


-Gabriel Klavun