Music Lessons

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Private Voice Lessons 

Private voice lessons consist of two components:  technique and repertoire.


The first half of the lesson is spent on exercises that develop power, ease and control of the vocal instrument.  Ms. Amisano has created a unique training program for singers that teaches breath control, how to support a healthy sound and the differences in phonation, vowel shape and runs and trills (“riffs”) for all styles of music, including classical, pop, rock, r&b, musical theatre and jazz. Ms. Amisano’s exercises are based on her extensive knowledge and use of classical bel canto (“beautiful singing”) technique (a system of exercises that has been used to develop the singing voice since the 19th Century) and exercises she has created for modern singers to use today.


The second half of the lesson is devoted to working on songs.  All styles of music are taught including pop, rock, jazz, musical theater, opera, classical, folk, country, sacred, choral etc.. The ultimate goal with a voice student is to teach them how to sing well in every style.  Students work on at least two songs at a time – one chosen to practice technique in that genre, the other is the student’s choice.

Each voice is completely unique, based on the person’s physicality and personality.  Because of this, one person may like to sing the blues more than they like to sing classical music; but, the point of vocal technique is for the student’s voice to be free, no matter what they are singing.

Voice: $150 1st hour lesson, then packages available

Call for Special Half hr rates for Kids 4-7yrs

Private Piano Lessons for Beginners (First & Second Year)


Fun piano and music theory lessons based on piano technique, original musical games, and the
Music Theory Book Ms. Amisano wrote for kids 4+ (Music Theory Grade 1).

First Year

First-year piano students learn from John Thompson’s book, “Teaching Little Fingers to Play” or an Adult beginning piano book, depending on the age of the student. Through this book, they learn where to put their hands on the keys, basic theory (how to read music), key signatures, time signatures, clefs, note values, and simple songs that they learn to sing and play.

Second Year

Second-year piano students continue to practice the basics.  They also learn scales, how to write their own music and start playing simple, hands-together classical pieces.

Adults who want to study beginning piano will follow the same course as mentioned above, but at a slightly accelerated pace.

Piano: $150 1st hour lesson, then packages available
           Call for Special Half hr rates for Kids 4-7yrs

Private Acting Lessons

Ms. Amisano teaches audition technique for actors and singers as well as monologue coaching for theater, film and TV.  When requested, audition technique is incorporated into monologue coaching.

Audition Technique

The actor’s headshot and resume is reviewed and critiqued so they are presenting themselves at their best.  Exercises for relaxation, focus and posture are given so the actor enters an audition with the utmost confidence.  Appropriate audition material (monologues, scenes, etc.) is chosen and thoroughly worked through and staged (see below).

Monologue Coaching

Ms. Amisano has a Master’s degree in Classical Theater (Shakespeare to Chekhov), and specializes in Classical and Contemporary monologues.  Acting lessons consist of three parts:  the first part of the lesson is spent warming up the body and doing acting exercises (improvisation and sense-and-memory); the second part is spent working on interpretation of the material with the student; the third part is spent specifically on getting pieces up on their feet (the student is acting, Ms. Amisano is directing).

Acting: $150 1st hour lesson, then packages available
              Call for Special Half hr rates for Kids 4-7yrs

Student Performances

Students at Grace Studio have many opportunities to perform. Every year Grace has a Winter Recital (usually in February) and a Summer Recital (usually in June), which can be anything from a formal recital to a cabaret to an original production.

Your First Lesson

First Lessons for voice and acting can be 5-10 minutes longer, there is no extra fee for this. This extra time allows for the choosing of material to work on (in Voice, it’s choosing songs and in Acting, it’s choosing monologues). ALL first lessons require a payment 4-5 days in advance to confirm appointment time. After you have spoken with someone at Grace Music Studio NY, you will receive information on how to pay for the first lesson. Grace Music Studio NY accepts Zelle, Venmo and Paypal payments for first lessons. After the first lesson, students are welcome to use any of these methods or to pay by check.